The Business Innovation Hub

The Business Innovation Hub (BIH) helps companies implement innovation-based projects. Teams of 4-6 co-op students spend a semester working alongside 4-6 company employees on a designated innovation project supported by Ryerson University entrepreneurship and innovation management consultants. Normally, companies simply hire and manage the co-op students they would like. In the case of BIH, the 8-10 employees & students work together on a single important innovation-based project and receive significant coaching and innovation education from Ryerson University. 

During the global pandemic, the BIH model was changed with the purpose of making a difference for Small and Medium Enterprises that were impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We can help your business during this pandemic

Empowering businesses during these uncertain times by helping to mitigate the loss of revenue and to adapt to changing demand in the market.

Who We Are

We are a group of students within the Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute. We bring risk-free services, fresh perspective, and exclusive resources to the table.

Meet Our Team

We are entrepreneurially driven students with the support of experienced faculty advisors in tech commercialization and sales & operations.

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